You could call it love…

You could call it love…

Dear Diary,

Why do I always get caught? Do I love him? Should I tell him?

“I should tear away this page,what If that monkey roommate reads it?” Sia muttered to herself. She was doing her internship at an architectural firm and had developed a crush on her boss. She would spend half of her time staring at him and never tried to look away,if he caught her doing so. She was twenty three,full of life,uber cool for her age and looked cute as a pup.

Raghvendra was anyway a looker. Despite his age,his tall frame and athletic body made him look good. He was a no- nonsense man and loved his job of an Architect. His poker face never let anybody realize that he had a tragic past. He was father of a teen boy,whom he loved the most.

Mohak would never believe it. He thought his father loved his job more. Otherwise why would he send him to a boarding school. He was coming for a long vacation after exams. He was really excited,because he had planned to take a break from studies and travel around for a while.

“Sia do you realize why we are not taking you in this project?” Raghvendra asked her sternly. A big project had come,for which they had to work in Rishikesh. Sia was confident that she would be asked to join,with this project her chances of getting recruited were solid. But her dreams proved to be just castles in the air. Her classmate was chosen instead of her,who was also an intern here.

“Sir, I have completed all the assignments which you gave before time,this one time I fell ill” Sia argued. “I will work with best of my abilities,you will not get a single reason to complain” she choked on her words. With tears in her eyes,she left the cabin.

“How on earth I tell this girl,that she makes me feel uncomfortable” Raghvendra thought to himself. He often would get hot under his collar,when he saw her checking him out. He had been a widower for years now and never complained about chastity. He never felt attracted to women,engrossed his mind in work so that he could give Mohak all the happiness and comfort.

Things changed when Sia Kumar joined his firm. She was a brilliant student, her teacher,whom Raghvendra knew as family friend had spoken highly of her and recommended her name. She was full of enthusiasm and beat thing about her was that she loved her work. Raghvendra was twice her age, still she got attracted to him and even he felt the same,but he was living in a denial.

“Raghvendra why don’t you reconsider Sia’s name?” his associate asked. They argued for a while, and they decided to let her work in the project.

“Sir has asked you to come in his cabin” the assistant informed Sia. She was munching on a cake and sobbing. As soon as she got to know,she ran towards the cabin. “Sia,you need to pack your stuff and report at 5:30 in the morning,we would not wait for you after that” Raghvendra announced. Sia gave a big smile,caught his hand and said thank you zealously. He smiled back at her.

” I am going to tell him that I love him” Sia told her roommate. They had come to eat out,as a treat and farewell for Sia. “Please don’t rush into this” her roommate warned her. “I have six months,it is enough to make him realize that he loves me too” Sia said

“Can I drive” Sia asked Raghvendra as he looked tired. They had come in three different vehicles and due to the luggage they all had to carry,Sia and Raghvendra ended up being in one car,alone. “No!” He replied with shock in his voice. “How dare you thought I will let you drive in hills?” Raghvendra asked. “Fine,don’t give,but I drive better” Sia said mockingly.

Five months passed quickly,everybody was working hard. They had planned to finish the work in advance so that in the last month they could give finishing touch, and relax before the last presentation.

It was Sia’s birthday and they planned to surprise her at night. But instead Raghvendra got surprised and embarrassed too because he did not even wish her. “I am sorry Sia, I forgot your birthday” Raghvendra said after the cake cutting. “Its fine” Sia said,coming towards him for a hug. “Have you lost your mind? Raghvendra shouted at her moving back and left.

While coming back from Rishikesh,Sia did not return with them,she planned to visit her aunt and come by train.

” Sir there is a bad news” Raghvendra’s assistant said in a low voice. He looked towards her with question in his eyes. “Sir Sia met with an accident” she replied. He felt a vacuum. His head went spinning as he ran towards the car. He got to know the address of the hospital and drove hurriedly.

Sia had a broken arm and wounded forehead. She was sitting with support of a pillow. She saw Raghvendra entering the room with red eyes. Before she could say anything,he sat down beside her,lifted her face and kissed her lips. His tears fell on Sia’s cheeks. She held the back of his neck with the unharmed hand and kissed him back,passionately.

After six months

“Mohak your parents have come to take you home” warden informed Mohak. “Sir my father?” Mohak asked in a surprised tone. “Your mother has also come” warden argued. “But she…” Mohak could not complete his sentence as he saw his father. He ran towards him. “Baba I am so happy,you came” Mohak said and hugged his father. “Meet Sia, my wife.” Raghvendra said,breaking the embrace. Sia came from behind.

Mohak was so angry that he did not utter a single word while coming back home. He respected his father a lot,and loved him more because he was the only parent around. His mother had died after giving birth to him. But he hated Sia.

Sia tried warming up to him,but he coldly rejected her advances to develop friendly terms between them. She would ask him to go with her for a run in morning,he would leave early without telling her. She made dinner plans,he would sleep early.

Days changed into months and Sia continuously tried. Finally Mohak warmed up,they joined the same gym. Mohak taught Sia to ride bike. One day they decided to on trek. Raghvendra could not go with them but insisted that they should do it.

While returning from the mountains, the weather became bad and they planned to stay at a local Inn. They were exhausted so slept early after eating dinner. Sia slept on the bed and Mohak on the attached sofa cum bed. But in the morning he came and lied beside Sia.

When Sia got up in the morning,she saw Mohak lying beside her,his hand was on her waist and it made her uncomfortable. “Mohak get up,we need to get ready and leave” she said and started waking him up. Instead he grabbed her and slept. “Is Mohak attracted to me?” Sia thought to herself. “We are so going to regret it” she muttered and shouted “Mohaaaak”. Mohak got up hurriedly.

” Sia why it has to be always about you? I am neither infatuated nor in love with you” Mohak tranquilly said. “I like a girl but I am not fool enough to let go of my career for the sake of it” he elaborated. “What happened to your career? Why you left work after marrying Baba?” Mohak asked.

Raghvendra was waiting for his most loved people at home. He got exasperated to see Mohak alone. “Where is Sia?” Raghvendra asked. Mohak said nothing,he gave him an envelope and went to his room. Raghvendra hurriedly opened it.


I am sorry for leaving like this,but it had to be hard anyway. I am going in search of my identity,its high time that I should come out of your shadow and carve my niche. In the process of being an ideal wife and making everything look perfect, I forgot that my soul is getting dissolved. Once I get to find me, I might come back. I don’t know how much time it will take,so please don’t be sad.



Love is not about boundations. Love stays where there is trust and liberation. Raghvendra was not an ideal man,nobody is perfect.Sia was dynamic but she realized, in life just love is not enough. And about Mohak, isn’t it obvious? There was no girl in his life.

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